Selling Everything?

by Danielle on July 21, 2008

Frankly, yes. Or as much as we can. My goal was not to box it all up for later. I decided to take the time to really decide the need for all my stuffs.

In the early stages Hannah asked me, “Are we going to sell my bed?” I asked her back, “Do you need that bed or do you need a bed?” You can almost see the gears turning in her brain as she ponders deeper thoughts. I would love it if I can teach the kids to form their attachments to people, experiences, and memories rather than things.

The idea of getting rid of/selling it all was quite liberating. Taking control over the stuffs, reducing the power of our possessions, and having a bigger reason to stop the accumulation sounds all self help book-y but isn’t a bad concept. Not everyone (hi, mom!) was ok with selling the china I have had for 15 years and have probably used 4 times and don’t really like that much anymore (imagine that, my taste changed from when I was 20), but for me letting go of that kind of stuff is pretty easy and not some great noble feat.

Less easy…getting my belongings (shoes! purses! clothes! fun!) down to one suitcase (what, under 50 pounds?). And not because the rest of my closet is in storage. I am going to at least make the attempt. Those who know me know I LOVE shopping (with spending!) so yes, this process does come with challenges.

Next lesson…not using this as an excuse for All. New. Stuff. upon our return because oh joy, shopping!

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