by Danielle on September 23, 2008

Ready? Sure – but since we left four days ago I better be, huh?

We’ve had some extra help in getting here and I am not sure I can thank those who lent a hand thoroughly enough. I do know I can at least start by saying it out loud.

My parents – They so very graciously let us invade them with our stuff, our noise, and our messes. They entertained the girls, lent us the Buick whenever (Mom, you could use a cooler car), and fed us the best biscuits and gravy breakfasts.

Carmen & Mark – Moving day always sucks. It’s hard work. They so willingly lent us their hands and muscles without any hesitation.

Marc’s parents – They have always made themselves available to watch the girls from a night out to a trip for just Marc and I. It is a gift to be able to leave your kids with someone you trust and I will miss it.

Sondra & Spunky – Thanks for letting Marc crash at your place while finishing up at work. An hour and a half (each way) commute would have been brutal.

Marc’s work – Your send off was great. I want to thank you for efforts in making it so.

To all our friends, family, and even strangers from the internet – I am very thankful for all the encouragement and support we have received heading forward on this crazy adventure of ours.

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