Sailing Away

by Marc on September 22, 2008

We finally made it – to the day I had imagined for almost a year and a half. As we headed out to sea with Miami receding into the sunset behind us, it was beginning to sink in that we are actually doing this!

Sunrise Wake 1

This is by far the most crazy, irresponsible thing I’ve ever done in my life – and it feels wonderful!

Of course, in many ways this still feels like just another vacation. Having taken so many cruises, the routine is very familiar. Everything so far has gone without a hitch:

  • flight was on time,
  • all 4 suitcases made it,
  • hotel in Miami worked out fine,
  • got onboard the ship with no problem,
  • all 4 suitcases made it there, too.
  • Even the weather was nice.

Now we’re all unpacked and starting to settle in for 4 weeks aboard this massive ship. I will post a full review with pictures & video as soon as I can. The internet onboard is slow and expensive (37 cents a minute!), so we have to limit our online activities.

Stay tuned!

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