Technical Difficulties

by Marc on September 30, 2008

I’m sorry I haven’t posted any updates in over a week. My laptop died on the 2nd day after we set sail, and I’ve just got it working again (this ship has just about everything except an Apple Store). Other than that, everything’s going great – we’re enjoying our new ocean home & the weather has been perfect.

So far, this trip has felt pretty much like any other cruise vacation, except we aren’t consumed by the constant desire to see and do everything all the time – we’ve got 4 weeks, after all. :)

For the last 10 days we’ve been busy rock climbing, ice skating, surfing, swimming, hiking, eating, sightseeing and frolicking at some fine beaches, plus trying to finalize our airline reservations for next year & fix my computer.

I’ll have lots of pictures – and hopefully some video, too – on the site over the next several days. I’m still trying to cope with the dial-up slow (yet remarkably expensive) internet service on this ship.

Thanks for your patience…


October 1, 2008 ronsuss

following your exploits with much interest. glad you got your computer working

October 2, 2008 michaelpaul

Glad to hear everything is going to plan. Can’t wait to see the pictures.

October 4, 2008 williebaronet

Sorry about the laptop! Keep on truckin.

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