The Opposite of Security

by Marc on September 19, 2008

On the eve of our departure, I find myself looking back at how far we’ve come. I know I should be looking forward at our empty suitcases, but that can wait – it’s not like we’re going to sleep tonight anyway.

I quit carrying my keychain earlier this week, after realizing that the only keys left on it are:

  • the key to a P. O. Box I can’t check until December
  • a key to a padlock I don’t have anymore, and
  • one other key – I don’t even know what it unlocks!

It feels weird – I keep checking my pocket for my keys every time I go to leave somewhere & feel like I’m forgetting something.

A lot of things feel weird these days.

In a little over 4 months, we’ve managed to get rid of our house, both our cars and most of our furniture. Along with all that we’ve managed to eliminate most of our monthly bills, too – which is pretty cool! But we’ve also eliminated the monthly paycheck that has paid for all these things – which is pretty scary, when I let myself think about it.

As I watch my last Texas sunset (for a while), I find myself thinking of all the things we’ve given up in order to take this journey. During the last several months I’ve come to realize that what we’ve really been giving up is the security that comes from having the steady job, the house, and the daily routines of school & work.

And what do we get in return, besides a queasy / excited feeling in the pit of our stomachs? We get the opposite of security – freedom!

Oh, and a pretty cool trip, too.

Maybe I should start packing….


September 20, 2008 magneeto

Bon Voyage!!!
we had such great time seeing you the other night. nicco loved playing with the girls! have a fabulous trip. we wish you every good fortune in your adventure!!!
luv from carmen, mark and nicco

September 20, 2008 williebaronet

My bro, freedom and security are just illusions. Bon Voyage!!


September 20, 2008 jadoyle

Oh, have a GREAT trip, all of you! Texas will miss you!


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