Consecutive Cruiser

by Marc on October 17, 2008

That’s the cruise line’s term for passengers who take 2 cruises in a row on the same ship. They used to call us “back to back cruisers”, but decided this sounded better, I guess.

It’s actually fairly common for people to take 2 consecutive cruises, especially on a ship that alternates itineraries like Freedom of the Seas. Each week, around 40 or so passengers stay aboard for a 2nd cruise. Taking 4 consecutive cruises seems to be unheard of, though. Maybe they should come up with a new term for that – how about “serial cruiser”?

All the week-long cruises we’ve taken in the past seemed to go by so quickly – it’s kinda hard not to feel a sense of urgency to see it all, do it all, eat it all.

For us, now it’s totally different: we watch the passengers come and go week after week, rushing around to get as much enjoyment out of their vacations as possible. We see them on the first 2 days wandering around with their fruity drinks, trying to figure out where everything is. (“Is starboard the front or the back of the ship?”) On the last day, we can see the looming responsibilities of “the real world” catching up with them as they run around snapping photos of everything in an effort to capture the magic so they can bring it home. Just like we used to do.

As the weeks went by, more & more crew members were starting to recognize us. During our third week, Danielle passed by one of the cabin stewards in the corridor outside our stateroom. After exchanging cheerful greetings, the steward told her, “You know, you’re like family now.”

That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but this is starting to feel like home.


October 18, 2008 grannyhoff

I could easily call that home, but I wouldn’t even have to leave the ship.


October 19, 2008 cathyleague

I have been wondering how you all have been. I am glad to see all is well. I will check the site often to see how it is going.
Tell the girls I liked their braids!!

October 26, 2008 Marc

Hi Cathy – It’s good to see you on the site! We’ll try to catch up when we’re in DFW in Dec.

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