Emerald Beach, St. Thomas

by Marc on January 16, 2009

OK, before we tell you all about our first week in Peru, here’s the conclusion of our quest to find our favorite Caribbean beach:

There’s a rule of thumb about cruise ship ports of call: the closer a place is to the pier, the more crowded it will be with passengers. That’s why we often go to great trouble and expense to find a quiet piece of sand.

We were a bit skeptical when our Maitre’d aboard Emerald Princess told us there was a terrific, completely uncrowded beach just 5 minutes away in St. Thomas. Surely it couldn’t be as good as our favorite Sapphire Beach, which is a 30-40 minute cab ride from the pier. Could it?


I guess we’re gonna need a new rule of thumb. Despite being less than 5 minutes away from our ship full of tourists, when we arrived the place was deserted – and amazingly, it stayed that way.


The sand is wonderfully soft, the waters calm and shallow, and the chairs are cheaper here, too. There isn’t any snorkeling, though – about the only thing this beach lacks.


There are 2 hotels on the beach: the Best Western and Island Beachcomber. We visited the latter’s beachside bar for lunch – tasty chicken wings and curly fries, plus ice-cold Carib beers to wash it down.




I wish we had discovered this place sooner , so we could have visited more than twice. On the last visit Carnival Valor was staying in port late, so we got to watch the sun go down while the girls had the whole bay to themselves. Magical.


Yes, we found our favorite beach in the Caribbean right by the port in St. Thomas, of all places.  We’ll be back, for sure.



February 9, 2009 G

Nothing like cold Carib’s, wings, fries in such a beautiful setting. I think I ‘ll go buy me a 12’er of Carib in honor of Sapphire & Emerald Beaches. Really. Remind me to show you some pix I took in Antigua, St. Barts, and St. Thomas of bottles & bottles of empty Caribs. My idea of heaven on earth my friends.

February 9, 2009 G

Oh and in honor of y’all & your travels. I’m so jealous.

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