Hold On While I Catch My Breath

by Danielle on January 17, 2009

We made it to Cusco, elevation 11,000 ft.  Barely?  Finally? After one cancelled flight, one missed connection, 5 hours of standing in lines, two brief airline hotel voucher sleeps, and 45 hours we arrived in Cusco WITH all our luggage.  (Which, by the way, has been reduced to 3 suitcases & 4 carry-ons – but we’re still calling the site 4 Suitcases.)

Not the most auspicious start, to say the least.  Now we have to keep telling the girls it is going to be better, I promise.

We haven’t had too much trouble with altitude sickness.  It seemed to hit Olivia and I the hardest and the first day I felt like total crap.  Of course the journey here didn’t help.  We seem to have adjusted pretty well and just have to stop a bit to catch our breath every so often when walking through town.


January 19, 2009 Mary Beth Haley

I’m glad you and your luggage finally made it!

January 19, 2009 Sondra Brunone

I loved Lake Titicaca! We came to the lake from the Bolivian side though. We met the guy who created the RA TU (something like that) and he posed for us in the water and wandered around a bit in his boat. then he let us shoot him and his pal inside making a reed boat. Then, while we were on his tiny island in the middle of this lake, there was a wedding and the whole town started dancing in the streets to this crazy Peruvian music that, unexpectedly, includes a lot of TUBA. They love TUBA in Bolivia. Who knew?

January 19, 2009 Sondra Brunone

Also, Marc — can you get your MAC mail? My friend from Buenos Aires has connected with you via email and has given you his contact info! You should try to connect if you can. Great guy. And he can steer you to the most delicious restaurants, etc. He has kids too but i can’t remember if any are close to the age of Hannah and Olivia…. they may be a bit older now… Sondra

January 19, 2009 Marc

Hi Sondra! Yes, I got your emails – thank you! We’ll try to connect with him next month. We’ll watch out for the Tubas on the lake :)

February 9, 2009 G

Glad y’all made it. Nothing like travel delays. Especially when you’re being herded like cattle.

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