Welcome Back

by Danielle on July 14, 2009

3 1/2 hours after going to bed I woke up.  Wide awake at 4 in the morning.

I crept out to the living room trying not to disturb anyone else, only to be joined shortly by Marc and the girls because they were also wide awake.  And hungry.

We got dressed and headed out to Mary’s Cafe for the breakfast we had been dreaming about.  Oh biscuits and gravy, how we missed you!


When we got back to the house, I thought I had the day to slowly do some laundry, get my nails done, and maybe take a nap.

WRONG!  My dad comes in from the barn and says,

“Are you ready?”
“For what?”
“To rake the hay.”
“Um, sure.”


Never thought first day back I would be riding the tractor.  And no, it’s not a euphemism for anything.


To be fair, my mom did ask me earlier this year if I would help dad with the hay when we got back.  I said, “OK, if he thinks I can do it and not mess up the tractor or something.”


Not sure if this is a new skill I can add to the resume yet.


July 14, 2009 Mom

Danielle, you’re just too much. I still want to come over some day before you get re-settled to go to Mary’s.

July 17, 2009 Tom

I love a country cooked breakfast after a long trip abroad!

July 18, 2009 Lilliy

Jet lag is actually one of the fun things to happen to you when you get back home. You get to do things early. Watch the sun rise. All that quite fresh mornings with the cup of coffee thinking you have all day. I love doing the same thing I take it a chance to go to my favorite dinner and eat a hearty breakfast be their first customer. Till everything is back to normal and waking up in the morning isnt so fun anymore because your forced to wake up your not doing it according to your own time.
You look good in the tractor. The country and farm looks nice. I have never been to a farm before.

August 1, 2009 Amanda

Ok – just one question that we’d love to know the answer – (you know we need to prepare for our trip next year to the land of stars & stripes!) – what exactly is biscuits and gravy?

August 3, 2009 Marc

@Amanda – biscuits and gravy is exactly biscuits with gravy on them. It’s the greatest savory carbo-loaded breakfast ever invented (see first picture in the post). Biscuits are a kind of thick shortbread cookie without sugar. Surely you have these things in Oz, don’t you? If not, when you get to the Southern US, seek them out!

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