The Best School Fundraiser

by Danielle on December 8, 2009

During the first three months of our travels not a day went by without hearing some version of, “Why aren’t you kids in school?”  I held back the snarky answers and we joke about it now, but I do think about those whose answer is, “Because there isn’t one.”

YOU can change that!  Fellow travel bloggers (and great writers) Beth Whitman, Debbie Dubrow, Michelle Duffy, and Pam Mendel have teamed up to form Passports With Purpose.  This year the charity of choice is   American Assistance for Cambodia (AAfC).  And we want to help them build a school in Cambodia.


Need a little more incentive?  How about winning a prize?  Every $10 donation enters you to win one of many awesome prizes, including cameras, hotel packages, and cool travel gear.

So far the original goal of $13,000 has been met (yea!), but they still could use more for extras like a water filter, garden, and a school nurse.

We aren’t selling any cookies, popcorn, or gift wrap this year.  I have declared this our school fundraiser, and I ask you to please consider participating.


December 9, 2009 Pat Hoffmeiser

What a great idea. I plan to donate just have to decide what I want to win.

December 10, 2009 Gramma Zaugg

Remind me to give you a donation when we see you at Christmas. Is a good cause!

December 21, 2009 sarah


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