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Here’s a list of some of our favorite blogs about lifestyle design & family travel adventures. Click on the banners and links to visit their sites.

Families Traveling Now:

Our favorite blogs by families having cool world travel adventures right now. Until our next big trip, we’ll be living vicariously through them:

Visit From Here to Uncertainty's websiteCool family of 4 on an open-ended world tour, slowly making their way through Europe as of this writing. They’ve got some great stories!

Visit Family On BikesThe Vogel family is biking the entire Pan-American Highway from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. When they get there, twin boys Davy & Daryl will land in the Guiness Book of World Records as the youngest people ever to accomplish this feat. Legendary!
Lots of great tips on family travel, homeschooling on the road, and travel gear, too.

Visit Its a Small World FamilyStephen, Victoria, Eve, Edward and Dickon are planning to head off from London on a round the world trip in November 2010, and we’ll definitely be following along.

Visit 6 Out of OzThis Aussie family (with 4 kids!) began their RTW adventure in January of 2010, with the goal of “uncomplicating our lives, stealing back a year and showing our kids how the rest of the world lives.” Sounds good to us!

Got Passport, Will Travel. Will Serve
Jack, Aye and young Emma are selling all their stuff and relocating to Thailand, where they plan to live small & give large while pursuing their BHAG and encouraging others to do the same.

8 Suitcases, 2 Kids and a Dream
Despite their blatant attempt to one-up us in the luggage department, :) we love this blog by a family from our home town of Dallas currently living in Mérida, on the Yucatan Peninsula. It’s a great window into the possibilities of an expat lifestyle.

Families With Recently Completed World Travel Adventures:

Visit Travel and TravailsDee Andrews just returned to the U.S. from a year living in Spain with her husband and 2 daughters. Their excellent blog is about the ups and downs of traveling, changing it up, and finding new paths. Good stuff!

Visit The Wide Wide WorldThe James family from Maryland was a huge source of inspiration and advice for our trip. You’ll find some great stories and insights into family travel in this account of their 2008-2009 world tour.

Visit Cooney World AdventureThe Cooney Family is in between world adventures right now, but their website is full of great stories and information. And if you’re contemplating a safari trip to Africa, they can help you with that, too!

Firth Family Adventure
This very adventurous family from Leeds, England completed their world tour in May of 2010.

39,000 Miles
We met Fernando and Gulaya in El Calafate, Argentina and have enjoyed following their adventures online since then.

Other Awesome Lifestyle Design / Travel Blogs:

These are all great resources for aspiring lifestyle designers. Many of them you’ve probably heard of before.

Visit Chris Guillebeau's website
Tim Ferriss may have inspired our first adventures in Lifestyle Design, but Chris Guillebeau is the inspiration behind this website. It was while reading his manifesto in Thailand that I finally figured out who I want to be when I grow up. When his book comes out in the fall of 2010, it’s going right to the top of our recommended reading list.

Visit Man vs DebtAdam Baker is on a mission to help people get out from under their debt and start living their dreams. His blog is one of the most honest and transparent chronicles of real lifestyle design I’ve ever seen. You want actual dollar figures? He’s got em.

Visit Married With LuggageBetsy & Warren have spent most of the last 2 years getting rid of all their stuff and saving up for a 3-year RTW odyssey. Loads of great tips on how to sell your stuff, live more simply and get a more adventurous life in return. They plan to hit the road in October.

Visit Briefcase to BackpackExperienced travelers and career break coaches Sherry Ott & Michaela Potter are trying to add ‘career break’ to America’s vocabulary. Their comprehensive site is full of inspiration and advice for getting out of the rat race – even if just for awhile. We’ve recently accepted their invitation to host Meet, Plan, Go! in Dallas on Sept 14, 2010. More on that later.

Visit Almost FearlessNew mom Christine Gilbert has escaped corporate life and now works as a travel writer and digital nomad, inspiring and helping others to do the same. Great site!

Visit Nomadic Matt's Travel SiteWe got to meet Matt Kepnes during our stay in Bangkok – he gave us some great tips and turned us on to some awesome food. Matt was smart enough to ditch the rat race at an early age, and though his site is aimed more at the young backpacker set, there’s a wealth of information (and a growing library of useful products, too!) He’s the real deal – check him out if you haven’t already.

Visit FreePursuitsCorbett Barr’s blog has a lot of great information and insight on real lifestyle design – without all the get-rich-quick B.S. You’ll find tons of food for thought here.

Check out Johnny B TruantJohhny built up a 5-figure a month online business in less than a year, and he’s frickin’ hilarious, too.

Visit Everything-Everywhere
Gary Arndt’s chronicles of an open-ended world tour that began in March 2007. Full of great photography & interesting stories.

Visit Fox NomadAnil Polat’s website is full of travel advice, reviews and tips. Check it out!

We’ll be constantly updating this list as we meet more awesome people. Feel free to nominate yourself or others in the comments.

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November 2, 2010 johnny

hey guys,

love your site, great work. Sorry to post publically here but thought it may be my best bet.

Basically, i wondered if you would like to link exchange with me? I see your link exchange page is very selective so im kinda hoping I might squeeze on there more from my traveling/lifestyle design experiences as opposed to the reputation of my blog!

Basically, i graduated in 2006 and have been on the road since. Working, traveling, volunteering, studying and backpacking on more than 50 countries across the globe the last four years. My site,, is in the process of chronicling all those years on the road!

Hope to hear from you soon =)



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