Convincing Me

by Danielle on July 13, 2008

Marc and I would occasionally have conversations along the lines of:

Marc: What would you do if money were no object?
Me: Why, have you found buried treasure in the yard?
Marc: No.
Me: Then why do you need to know?

I get where he is trying to go with this but it seems like an impossible question to answer. I’m trying to answer the more important questions of, “What’s for dinner?”, “What else do we need from the store?”, and ” Why can’t the laundry just stay done?”

Finally, he asked me a question I could answer:

Marc: Why don’t we take off and live on a cruise ship for a year?
Me: What??? (Did he really just ask that?)
Marc: Think of it as a mini retirement while we are still young.
Me: Are you crazy? (Even I thought this)
Marc: Yes, that’s why you married me.
Me: Can we afford it? (Oh, I am so in)
Marc: I think so.
Me: Would we sell the house? What about work? Homeschool
the kids? What about insurance? What about our stuff?
Marc: Well now you’re just talking logistics.

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July 15, 2008 jadoyle

Blah, blah, insurance, blah, blah, sell the house, blah, blah, homeschooling the kids….The REAL question is WHY ARE YOU NOT TAKING *ME* ALONG?!!!! :)

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