Arrival in Tokyo

by Marc on April 24, 2009

We landed in the Land of the Rising Sun just as the sun went down, after the most enjoyable 12-hour flight I’ve ever taken. OK, so it was the only 12-hour flight I’ve taken, but I’ve had 3 hour flights that seemed longer. Air New Zealand rocks!

We breezed through customs and immigration, grabbed a few thousand yen from the ATM, and before long we found ourselves nodding off on the Friendly Airport Limousine Bus to our hotel. So far, so good.

Since we’d been doing really well on our budget for the last couple months, I decided to splurge in Japan, booking us a “family suite” at the Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka, one of the few hotels I could find online that claimed to have rooms with 4 beds.


Even though it was easily the most expensive room of the entire trip, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d heard hotel rooms in Japan were small, so I was hoping there would really be enough room for all of us.


It had enough room – we’ve lived in apartments smaller than this! Our 2 separate bedrooms had great views of the city.



The 2 full baths were the most high-tech I’ve ever seen:


and I almost needed an instruction manual to figure out the toilet.


The beautifully landscaped grounds also gave us our first glimpse of cherry blossoms:


We had cut our stay in Auckland short in order to be here to see them – it was a relief to find that we’d timed it just right!


April 25, 2009 DAD

I’m glad things are smoothing out for you all . It looks fantastic ENJOY!!!

April 25, 2009 Gramma Zaugg

I think a bathroom like that would just bother me!

April 28, 2009 menza

OMG That is so beautiful! I hope the irls are digging all this! Love the night shot from the room as well.

I love the phone in the bathroom. Can you call for help if the toilet/Bidet/shower goes mad?!?

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